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On writing a blog simply because it’s been ages since the last one

10th February 2010

I’m tired, it’s late and I’m not wearing any pants. But it’s been over a month since my last blog, and that really isn’t good enough now is it. Well is it?

I read recently you should try and blog everyday. Who says I should blog everyday? Surely I can blog whenever I want. If this all sounds too much like a discussion on bowel movements, I apologise. I suppose this statement was made on the assumption that the blogger wants to reach as large an audience as possible. And as a writer of course I do. We’re all egomaniacs here.

Oh friends, readers, bloodhounds and demi-chums, I do wish I had the time to blog more reg – only, I tend to allow subjects to swill around in my head for a few days before I put pinkie to paper.

For instance I’ve been intending to write a serious blog for some time now, but my intrinsic silliness keeps thwarting me at the last. Recently, though, I thought I’d found the perfect subject upon which to flex a higher brow:

How do American Republicans reconcile their politics with their faith?

This came on the back of the foundering of Barack Obama’s healthcare bill, flattened by a party – the Republicans – that displays a greater leaning towards the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ (amen) than its Democratic counterpart. Yet it is the party with the stronger roots in Christianity that appears happier to let poor Americans get so sick they only visit doctors when they’ve got tumours as big as rugby balls. Help thy neighbour? Balls more like.

But then I ran out of time, the moment passed and I simply cited the whole Republican example, erm, above instead.

You know what? Enough of this flannel, why don’t I just tell you a story…

Please Don’t!

Too late.

Are you ready?


Here goes:

I wet myself on my first day at school.

Yes, I do mean junior school.

Sorry. A cop out. I’m just too tired. Plus Match of the Day is on now. No, don’t tell me the scores, I’ve been hiding from them all evening, like a G.I. in the jungle.

Warmest regards,

Saul (leg-wetter)

PS – Am still on a high following recent skid-in-me-socks down the hallowed halls of BBC radio comedy. A skit I’d penned was performed on the topical BBC Radio 7 comedy, Newsjack.

PPS – What do you mean “what’s Radio 7?”?