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On a road trip across the USA

19th December 2013


In the summer Joan suggested a road trip in the USA. Joan herself doesn’t drive but that didn’t seem to bother her. And so it was that last month we flew to LA, picked up our mid-range Toyota and set off on what Douglas Adams might term the adventure of a liff-time.

Here’s a short video I made during our stop-off in Philadelphia.

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On riding a stage of the Tour de France

26th July 2013

(or how I overcame great adversity to fulfil my personal destiny)

Wotcha. How are the pigs? You keep pigs, right? Sorry, I must be mistaken.

For my **th birthday last December Joan bought me a gift to treasure: entry into the famously gruelling Etape du Tour cycling race. I rode it two weeks ago. This is my story.

Saul 2013

(posey I know but it’s done now)

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On recent events

17th October 2011

Hello and welcome to a blog entitled “On recent events” by me, Saul Wordsworth.

Frankly Mr Shankly it’s been a busy few weeks. So as to spare you the burden of detail I thought I might dilute my words with a smattering of pictures.

So I have.

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On a most peculiar meal

31st March 2011

A local Japanese restaurant recently started offering an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Japanese food is a favourite of both mine and Joan’s, it’s only drawback being that it’s somewhat on the dear side. Thus the notion of a free-for-all sashimi tuck-in at only £14.95 a head appeals, not only because it would metaphorically lend this beleaguered country a helping hand, but also because I like to eat a LOT OF FOOD.

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