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IMAGES: Devil in the Wilderness

31st October 2023

Dear DITW listener,

Below you will find a smattering of images. More will be added very soon…

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Music and video by SW

22nd January 2021

Lockdown skit 2

15th January 2021

Lockdown skit 1

Three Wordsworth Originals

7th October 2019


1 – When One Party Ends Another Begins

2 – A Dark Night in Turin

3 – Celestia


On Brexit (part IV)

10th April 2019


(another cartoon by mwa)


On Brexit (part III)



(cartoon by mwa)


On Brexit (part II)

22nd March 2019



(from The Evening Standard)



On Brexit (part I)

19th March 2019

Dear pals,

It’s been nearly three years since the EU referendum. Therefore the time has come for me to reflect on the process so far.


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On how I changed the face of recorded comedy aged 12

1st February 2019

Hello pals,

In the words of George Harrison, “it’s been a long, long, long time.” But I’m back – with a new blog (this), a new haircut (resembles the Guggenheim) and a new podcast.

The raison d’etre of this post is to showcase (trans: archive) a comedy recording I made with a friend when we were 12, explain how over 30 years later I have emulated this process, and crucially how the two connect. But first a promo shot of the new podcast featuring the hero from my comic novel, Alan Stoob.

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