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On David Bowie and other diversions

8th June 2011

At this very moment – this precise moment – I should be writing 1,500 words on the history of the wristwatch. It is, in fact, an interesting piece but it’s late and I’m seeking distraction. Welcome to the highly unstructured world of the freelance journalist. You’re welcome.

Instead of starting the piece I should have begun six hours ago I’m looking at the internet for amusing diversion. I found myself here, at one of the funniest scenes from the second series of Ricky Gervais’s Extras. Aside from Bowie’s natural presence, note Gervais’s resemblance to Stan Laurel at 1:43.

Stay with it, there’s more…

This also makes me laugh, from the first series, featuring a madcap Patrick Stewart.

Finally – though not literally – I came across this earlier. Be warned: it features a swear not favoured by the ladies, and many times over. Thankfully, in the safe hands of Steve Coogan, it comes out as pure gold.

Now if you’ll excuse me I must press on.

All the breast,

Saul Wordsworth (distracted)