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On becoming a published author

19th May 2015

Long time no weblog.


Some reflections on entering the world of the published writer – by Saul Wordsworth of Wordsworth Writing Ink (geddit?)


1 – After years of rapping on the door, to be welcomed in with open arms by the publishing industry (in this case Hodder & Stoughton) has been a wonderful, heart-warming experience.

2 – I am now 2.9% more attractive to all females (incl. women, cats and ants).

3 – “I’ve bought your book, I just haven’t got round to reading it. Sorry! I will! Promise!” I don’t care. In a nice way. You’ve bought a copy? That’s all I can ask. Except that you buy two.

4 – You didn’t like it? Sure I’m a little disappointed, but taste is taste (try reading it the right way up).

5 – “How are sales going?” Sorry, I don’t know. But I will find out (more than a thousand, less than a million is my guess).

6 – I’m not rich and little has changed save for the fact that I have a spring in my step and material for my headstone (will we have headstones in 2098?).

7 – No I’m not working on a follow-up though I have written a play which I hope to see performed at a theatre in the coming months (there’s lots of swears in it).

8 – The Hollwood prodution company which optioned the novel is still actively seeking the right ‘treatment’ (let’s hope they find it soon, this 18 month residency at The Savoy won’t pay for itself).

9 – Of course I can sign your copy however it’s kind of tricky because you’ll have to mail it to me then I’ll have to sign it then visit the post office and the whole thing becomes quite a bother can I send you a sticker instead?

10 – I am pleased with the way the book looks and reads, and what people say about it. Aside from the car chase on p208 there is nothing I would change.

11 – Never pass up an opportunity to market your book (see 12).

12 – The paperback is out on Thursday.

Stoob paperback


Love and thumbs