In November 2008 I was lucky enough to front a nationwide campaign on behalf of Vodafone. For this I had to assume a new identity - that of 'LiveGuy'. The purpose of the campaign was to promote Vodafone's new offering.

This video explains all.


The campaign was deemed a success by both Dare Digital - the advertising agency who employed me - and Vodafone themselves, and there may yet be further outings for LiveGuy. It was also an ideal opportunity for me to participate in a number of activities I enjoy: writing humorous blogs, devising captions for photographs and playing up to the camera.

Being LiveGuy was a once-in-a-lifetime experience; rich, varied, intense but thoroughly enjoyable. Along the way I performed a promotional skit with Lewis Hamilton...

Video 01

...was interviewed by local bloggers.

Video 02

...recorded video diaries

Video 03

...and was even trailed by my own personal stalker

Video 04

To read an essay about my experience of being LiveGuy click here

With thanks to Dare Digital and Vodafone.

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