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IT Professional

Technology has advanced at such a speed over the last few days that most of us do not know whether we are infra-toothing, sideloading or catching a train. Therefore if like me you cannot distinguish a hard drive from a hard day at the office, let us join together and sing three cheers for our onsite IT experts! Alternatively visit and register your thanks that way.

IT Professionals (ITers) are so up on the latest technology that if you need to contact them there are 244 different ways of doing so. These include iPhone, email, IM, nip-box, i-tuck, n-thrall, zip-hound and shouting. Yet despite all this new-fangled gadgetry sometimes it is better simply to stroll over and speak to an ITer in person (“facemail”). It is easy to forget that sometimes they enjoy the company of people as well as machines.

Part of an ITer’s job is to oversee the email system. This is also known as spying and is open to abuse. For instance it would be a bad idea to conduct an affair with Sandra in accounts in case you receive an anonymous email saying: “Unless you wish HR to know what you plan to give Sandra in the basement, please deposit £50 in the waste paper bin by the Epson LaserJet 1010 printer. Thank you.”

So what are you waiting for? Hand in your notice, book yourself on a course and get learning about IT. There’s money in it, computers are the future (allegedly) and you’ll even get to read other people’s emails. Just remember to start off slowly: never byte off more than you can chew or you may end up looking WAN.