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On my dad at 100

Well helleur.

Happy New Year and that.

This is a short blog about my dad, who would have been 100 on Boxing Day.

dad and i edited 2


Miriam Salaman (September 1914 – October 2013)

Miriam was my grandmother. She died earlier this month. This is a short piece about her.

Miri cropped lower resolution


On a new era of protest

“Two blogs in one day? Blimey Saul, you must be on drugs.”

Whoever said that please take it back. May I remind you we live in litigious times.


On hurling faeces inside a non-functioning windmill

Gleetings one and all.

Blimey, it’s been over two months since The Last Post. That’s why I’m determined to write this before June rolls around (she said she’d be here by 8). You’re lucky to be reading this, actually – I almost didn’t survive today. You see I slipped on a banana skin. Proper sliding-down-the-road stuff it was. OK, I didn’t fall flat on my b-hind or anything but I did do the banana splits.


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