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On promoting your book

Books, eh? So many published, so few read. Trying to get noticed is the name of the game (I should know, I’ve played it. Let’s call it a draw to date).

All will be explained shortly, but here’s a picture of my dad hard at work in our sitting room in 1986.

dad in chair


On my directorial debut

Hi – it’s great to see you again – how is your aunt – bearing up I hope., a website for whom I write regular satirical pieces, is branching out into ‘funny’ video. They’ve asked me to be involved.

Here’s my first effort, based on the Seventh Seal by Ingmar Berman – and parodied in Bill & Ted.

It’s for the City of London but I hope you still get it.

Did you?



On pigs and monkeys

– THE world is an wasteland of grief beset by pestilence, war, famine and death.

– THE coalition government is dismantling brick by brick all aspects of British life held dear.

– ANDY Murray was annihilated by Novak Djokovic in the final of the Australian Open.

Which is why we all need this (sound required).


On Marilyn Monroe

Today’s blog concerns a brunette called Norma.



On Five Easy Pieces (1970)

Hello and welcome to THIS – a blog dedicated to the best film of all time.


On Stanley Kubrick (and my father)

Last week on More4 there was a fascinating documentary entitled, ‘True Stories: Stanley Kubrick‚Äôs Boxes’. For reasons I will shortly explain, this excited me so much that I actually cancelled on a friend in order to stay in and watch it. Bad form I know, but, hey, you know, sometimes, in life, one has to, you know, just punctuate everything with a comma.

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