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On promoting your book

Books, eh? So many published, so few read. Trying to get noticed is the name of the game (I should know, I’ve played it. Let’s call it a draw to date).

All will be explained shortly, but here’s a picture of my dad hard at work in our sitting room in 1986.

dad in chair


On my dad at 100

Well helleur.

Happy New Year and that.

This is a short blog about my dad, who would have been 100 on Boxing Day.

dad and i edited 2


Miriam Salaman (September 1914 – October 2013)

Miriam was my grandmother. She died earlier this month. This is a short piece about her.

Miri cropped lower resolution


On Llanrhaeadr

I am silly. A very silly boy. I’ve waited far too long to write up my recent trip to Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant (trans: village of the pigs over the bridge near the river in the valley or some such). Oh well. Any lapses in memory I will endeavour to plug with colourless fabricated anecdotes.


On discovering I have a sister

Quick question before we begin: if you eat a packet of Rennies too quickly do you get indigestion?

So, I’ve just found out that I’ve got a sister.

Well, a half sister.

If you think that unremarkable – which in itself it is – I suggest you stick around for the payoff…


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